Wanna pay for criminals to get your data back? Think again and choose the legal option!


    legal invoice

    payment by Paypal

    no Bitcoin required

To see the pricing, please choose the ransom message that you see on your computer:

Ransomware victims

Why us?

  • Best Price Warranty

    If you show us an encrypted computer with a ransom demand lower than our prices, we will invoice you no more than 90% of the equivalent for the main analysis, regardless of the amount of work spent on this computer.

    Does not apply to priority orders, shipment costs, hardware handling costs, and all additional analytics work.

  • 100% Legal and GDPR compliant

    By paying the ransom, you support criminals and facilitate further ransomware development, so that next versions can be yet more dangerous.

    By choosing us, you can be sure that your money goes to people earning it in a fair and legal way.

  • Payment by Paypal

    You also don't have to learn to buy and pay with Bitcoin.

    You pay with us only after recovering your data, and you get a legal invoice, which you can easily book and put in the costs.